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SERIES: Mass Effect
CANON POINT: After contact by Cerberus, before recruitment by Shepard and meeting the rest of the crew.
AGE: Twenty-something?


PERSONALITY: Kasumi Goto is an optimist, to say the least. She's incredibly friendly, and she gets along with pretty much anybody as long as they aren't a deliberate murdering psycho. She loves to just sit down and chat, though her job doesn't call for that very often. That doesn't mean she's not perfectly comfortable in the shadows -- she is. See, she's a thief. Not just any thief, but she fancies herself the best in, well, the universe. She's probably right, too. What sets her apart from other thieves might be that she doesn't steal for money as much as she does for the thrill of the lifestyle and her passion for art. She absolutely loves art, and could probably name any piece in the galaxy.

She's a master of staying unknown and observing, which is probably a side-effect of her being invisible over half the time. You could talk to her for hours and you probably wont learn anything besides the fact she’s pretty friendly. She would be learning from you the whole time. And even when you’re not talking to her, she could very well still be around -- invisible, and spying, because that’s what she does. She has really good insight on other people because of this habit of hers.

It's not hard for her to put profit aside. To her it's not about the money. She would go way, way out of her way to help those in need, like the time she saved a little girl from slave-traders. She’ll help people even if it doesn’t mean stealing something valuable -- but if it does that just means it will get done a lot quicker, a lot quieter, and she’ll have a lot of fun doing it. She'll also do something just to prove that she can. She's taken on some dangerous jobs just because somebody dared her to. But she can be pretty sentimental, in that she's kept some pieces she was hired to steal because of some story behind it. Say, like how she met her partner in crime.

The piece in question became increasingly important to her since the death of said partner and lover, Keiji. He was murdered and his graybox (a device containing his memories) stolen. Not only are those memories incredibly important to her, but Keiji imprinted information into them that, if got out, could probably start a war. Her top priority is to get that graybox back, and she's not even interested in revenge. She's not an assassin, and she doesn't go out of her way to kill people. She just wants the graybox. She already devised a plan to sneak in, grab the box, sneak out. She just needs... a partner.

Luckily, this can work out for everybody. Cerburus -- what is known as both a human-survivalist group and terrorist group -- has contacted Kasumi with the request that she joins up with the legendary Commander Shepard to save the galaxy. Okay, she's down with that. On the condition that Shepard is the partner in her plan to retrieve the graybox. She's ready to go, she's just waiting for the Commander to contact her...

ABILITIES: She’s a thief from the future, man. She can become invisible, move really fast, hack almost any computer system, and sneak her way around almost all the security she's ever run into. Pickpocketting is a definite, so don't be surprised if your wallet disappears...

POSSESSIONS: Omni-tool, about five medi-gel, a heavy pistol, and a friendly temperament that would love get her hands on that one valuable, cool looking thing you’ve got there.

JOURNAL ENTRY SAMPLE: [ Considering the sudden change of environment and situation that Kasumi Goto has on her hands, she has -- you guessed it -- exactly no idea what’s going on here. She’s on a beach, she figured out that much. That’s about it.

After quickly surveying her surrounding area and concluding that nothing in the vicinity is useful in terms of data, she figures she might as well make use of her new little device. She turns on the audio. ]

Hello? Anybody else out there? I’d really hate to be the only one stuck here, wherever “here” is. Besides a creepy beach, I mean. I -- hey, is somebody else there?

-- Hoooly.

[ Over the audio a single gunshot can be heard. ]

Okay, it would be nice if there was somebody else besides alien-mutant-monsters. Ew. Seriously, hello?

THIRD-PERSON SAMPLE: The monetary value of Kasumi’s quarters was astronomical. The price of the things on her desk alone was unbelievably large. Artifacts, codes, some of her old notes -- a bust from Illium.

She stopped for a second to look at that bust. It had been her first museum piece, Keiji had dared her to steal it. She remembered his reaction as soon as she got back, too: shock and disbelief, like he couldn't believe she went through all of that effort just because of a dare. They’d both laughed at that one for awhile. Especially when the art show opened to the public a few days later, and hundreds were presented with the opportunity to awe at her lousy duplicate sitting behind bulletproof glass.

She returned her book -- a Batarian crime novel, one she’d read many times before -- to the shelf and took a seat on her bed. A vase of red roses sat at her eye level and she picked one up. Like everything else, she remembered these. Before she met Keiji, whenever she took something she used to leave in its stead a rose just like this one.

She found herself being pretty silly sometimes.

Across from her, on the wall, she’d hung a painting: a portrait of a white building on a foggy day, with shadows cast on it, and rubble at the bottom. It was the reason she and Keiji met in the first place, both hired by two different people to steal the same painting at the same time. She had always figured both of the employers must have been running some sort of bet or something. If they had been, they both lost, because Kasumi and Keiji never turned in the piece for the reward.

It’d been worth it.
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